21 December, 2010

AGU Executive Meeting, December 19, 2010


agu-ec-meeting-doha-19-12-2010AGU Office, Doha (QAT) December 20, 2010: Convened around their President Mr. A-Rahman Al-Sharthri (QAT), FIG Executive Committee Members (EC) opened with a promising day. In his opening, the President refereed to the work done during the last period and he fill that AGU follow up his achievement and he is very happy that AGU had achieved the success that we wanted it.
You can find below the Summary of the decisions made by the Executive Committee at its meeting in Doha (QAT), on December 19, 2010
The Executive unanimously approved the following:
The 2010 accounts.
– Approval of the 2 years plan.
– Approval of the financial statement and the report from the auditor
– The budget for the year 2011 
– Recommend to the General Assembly the Suspension of Cambodian Gymnastics Federation for not respecting their financial obligation towards the AGU.
– The program of the AGU development project for the year 2011 as the following:

Project for coaches
Training Camp for RG coaches
Training camp for Aerobic coaches
Training camp for Trampoline coaches
Training Camp for MAG coaches
Training Camp for WAG coaches
Training Camp for Acrobatic coaches


Project for Judges
Preparatory Judges course for MAG
Preparatory Judges course for WAG
Preparatory Judges course for TRA
Preparatory Judges course for RG

Next AGU events
5th Seniors RG Asian Championships 16-18/6/ 2011 will held in Kazakhstan
12th Juniors RG Asian Championships 16-18/6/ 2011 will held in Kazakhstan
13th RG Juniors Asian Championships February 2014 will held in Malaysia
(Qualify for the Youth Olympic Games)