5 January, 2010

Common training camp in Trampoline Gymnastics held in Syria during 01-08/12/2009

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TRA Training Camp SYRIA 2009Damascus – SYR December 20, 2009: A common training camp in Trampoline Gymnastics was organized in Damascus – Syria during the period 01-08/12/2009 with the participation of 7 Federations: Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Iran, Lebanon and Syria.
The target of this camp is to exchange experiences in coaching, to enhance cooperation and communication of coaches and gymnasts and to have a good relationship between coaches  and gymnasts within Asian Continent.
16 coaches and 15 active gymnasts attended the camp
The educational levels of the coaches and the athletes was very different. Thus, the participants from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have an international level but the other nations found themselves in the middle – or beginner level because they start this discipline late.
After meeting with all the importing coaches and athletes, the goals of the camp have been denied. A successive training was the desire of most coaches. In the more advanced participant was received by continuous differentiation and additional tasks. All questions were always individual received and answered respectively.
As a practical based content program was to focus on our sport, but all showed technically a correct performance with the appropriate attitude requirements. Through the good Springer could head posture, arm movement and extensor phases are illustrated graphically. In addition, the methodology was for the major elements.
Theoretically, it was just as varied. From the explanation and description of the jumps, the numerical designations on the basics of a competitive application and the referee evaluation were also discussed biomechanical principles which are important for the fundamental understanding of our sport.
While the theoretical units for the coaches, the athletes had time to practice things they have learned individually, but also find themselves in the training practical touch. As the expert of this camp, I would like to stress the friendly treatment of all athletes and coaches together. From day to day, this process could be followed longer. So this has contributed next to the camp of professional competence and an international solidarity. Dealing with all the participants was for me very pleasant, because the course was of great respect for all supported each other. Discipline, punctuality and respect have prepared a good working climate.

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