4 August, 2023

GFA on a Grand Stage: The 2024 Asia Gymnaestrada in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The FIG Gymnastics for All (GfA) Committee recently convened with representatives from the Continental Unions during the 17th edition of the World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam. Among the Continental Unions, the Asian Gymnastics Union stood out with exciting plans and developments for Gymnastics for All in the region.

During the meeting, the Asian Gymnastics Union proudly presented their upcoming flagship event, the 2024 Asia Gymnaestrada, set to take place in the vibrant city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This gathering promises to be an extraordinary celebration of gymnastics, showcasing the diverse talent and dedication of participants from across the continent. With a focus on inclusivity and camaraderie, the Asia Gymnaestrada aims to unite gymnasts from all walks of life, fostering friendships and mutual understanding through the love of the sport.

In addition to the Asia Gymnaestrada, the Asian Gymnastics Union unveiled plans for a grand performance event scheduled for June 2024 in the Pan-American region. This collaboration will provide a unique platform for gymnasts from both continents to exchange skills, experiences, and cultures, enhancing the global gymnastics community’s spirit of unity and cooperation.

Education is a key pillar in the development of Gymnastics for All, and the Asian Gymnastics Union is actively contributing to this aspect as well. They will host the “Join the GfA Activities” course in Mongolia this September, inviting enthusiastic participants from across the region to learn, share, and grow together. This initiative aims to empower instructors and enthusiasts alike to make gymnastics accessible to all, thereby promoting fitness and well-being in diverse communities.

Furthermore, the Asian Gymnastics Union acknowledges the significance of mentorship in nurturing future gymnastic talent. Inspired by the successful mentor program established between South Africa and Uganda, they are diligently working on implementing a similar program within the Asian region. This mentorship endeavor is set to support emerging nations in their Gymnastics for All journey, offering guidance and expertise to foster sustainable growth and development.

The commitment and dedication of the Asian Gymnastics Union to promote Gymnastics for All is commendable. They are actively participating in discussions and providing valuable input for the 2024 FIG GfA Colloquium, which will shape the future of the sport at a global level. Their active involvement exemplifies their determination to contribute to the continued growth and evolution of Gymnastics for All worldwide.

FIG GfA Committee President Rogerio Valerio expressed his delight in the presence of representatives from the Asian Gymnastics Union during the World Gymnaestrada, recognizing their pivotal role in the sport’s future. Their engagement in the event and the enthusiasm of observers from nations embarking on their Gymnastics for All journey indicate a promising and thriving future for gymnastics in the Asian region.

In conclusion, the Asian Gymnastics Union’s relentless efforts in promoting Gymnastics for All exemplify their commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive gymnastics community. With exciting events, educational initiatives, and mentorship programs on the horizon, Asia is poised to lead the charge in nurturing gymnastic talent and inspiring the next generation of gymnasts. Through their collaborative endeavors, the Asian Gymnastics Union is set to leave an indelible mark on the sport, igniting the passion for gymnastics in the hearts of people across the continent and beyond