4 August, 2023

FIG President Watanabe Commends AGU’s Cultural Showcase at World Gymnaestrada Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 4 Aug 2023 – A momentous occasion took place at the World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam as the President of the Federation International Gymnastics (FIG), Morinari Watanabe, visited the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) booth. The AGU’s presence at the prestigious global gymnastics event has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and talent of Asian gymnasts to a captivated audience from around the world.

During his visit to the AGU booth, FIG President Morinari Watanabe expressed his admiration and support, stating, “The Asian Gymnastics Union has brought an extraordinary display of gymnastics prowess and cultural diversity to the World Gymnaestrada. It is inspiring to witness the unity and camaraderie among Asian gymnasts, reflecting the true spirit of our sport. The AGU’s participation has added an exceptional dimension to this event, reinforcing the importance of international friendship and inclusivity in gymnastics.”


With nearly 19,000 participants from over 60 countries celebrating gymnastics in all its forms, the World Gymnaestrada has become a global spectacle of joy and unity. The AGU’s booth, representing gymnastic styles from Asian nations, has been a focal point of cultural exchange and celebration, emphasizing the AGU’s commitment to promoting gymnastics and nurturing talents across the Asian continent.

AGU President, Abdulrahman alshathri, expressed his pride and gratitude for the FIG President’s visit, stating, “We are honored to have President Watanabe visit our booth and witness the diversity and excellence of Asian gymnastics. The AGU is dedicated to fostering international bonds and showcasing the incredible talent that flourishes in our region. This moment is a testament to our commitment to making gymnastics a unifying force worldwide.”

The AGU’s participation at the World Gymnaestrada has not only highlighted the cultural richness of gymnastics but has also reinforced the AGU’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and friendship through sport. As the event continues to unfold, the AGU booth remains a vibrant and dynamic space, embodying the true spirit of unity in gymnastics.

As gymnasts and spectators from various backgrounds come together in Amsterdam, the AGU’s presence shines brightly as a symbol of the power of sports to transcend borders, languages, and cultures, fostering a shared sense of community and respect.