1 January, 2020

Hong Kong, China hosts FIG Academy for ACRO Level 1 course

DOHA (AGU Office): Hong Kong, China hosted the FIG Academy for Acrobatic Gymnastics Level 1 from December 9-16.
Three FIG experts Lourenco França (POR), Jorge Mendez (BEL) and Sergey Tretyakov (ESP) conducted the course while 17 coaches from five countries/regions including China, India, Iran, Italy and Hong Kong took part in the programme.
The event was a good opportunity to develop and promote Acrobatic gymnastics in Hong Kong.
The course covered anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and psychology on sport training. Participants were led through practical workshops and theoretical lectures which aimed to effective and safe training progression for gymnasts from grass root to elite levels.
During the programme, friendship was built among the participants from different countries and regions. It also provided a platform for them to share and exchange coaching ideas.
“The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China thanks all experts and FIG & AGU for their support on hosting the event,” said a statement from the Hong Kong Gymnastics.