7 October, 2023

Jordan’s Ahmad Abu Al-Soud and Kazakhstan’s Milad Karimi both claimed bronze at 2023 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.

Antwerp, Belgium – October 7, 2023 – Jordanian gymnast Ahmad Abu Al-Soud clinched the bronze medal at the 2023 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships held in Antwerp, Belgium. Abu Al-Soud’s outstanding performance on the pommel horse, scoring an impressive 14.866, earned him the coveted bronze medal.

The gold medal was claimed by Ireland’s defending champion Rhys McClenaghan, who delivered a flawless routine with a score of 15.100, becoming the first man since 2017 to secure back-to-back titles on the event. The silver medal was awarded to American gymnast Khoi Young, whose earned him a score of 14.966, securing his place on the podium.

Witnessing this incredible display of talent, Asian Gymnastics Union President, A Rahman Alshathri, expressed his admiration, stating, “The dedication and skill exhibited by these gymnasts are a testament to the level of excellence in Asian gymnastics. We are immensely proud of their achievements and the inspiration they provide to young athletes across the continent.”

In addition to Abu Al-Soud’s achievement, it is noteworthy to mention the remarkable performances of other talented gymnasts. Japan’s Minami Kazuki displayed outstanding skills, earning a score of 14.666 and securing the second position. Kazakhstan’s Milad Karimi showcased his gymnastic prowess, winning the bronze medal with a score of 14.600, highlighting his dedication.