28 November, 2009

Qatar Hosting Gymnasiade during 07-12/12/2009

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Logo_ISFDoha November 26, 2009: In a further testament to Qatar’s continuing ability to host high profile international events, the International Schools Sport Federation (ISF), the international federation of official school sport organisations from across the world, yesterday lauded Qatar’s hosting of Doha Gymnasiade 2009, expressing delight at the quality of infrastructure and sporting facilities in the Qatari capital.  
An official delegation from Doha Gymnasiade Organising Committee met with representatives of the ISF in Paris last week, to present details regarding venues and event presentation. At the conclusion of the two-day meeting, the ISF expressed complete satisfaction with preparations ahead of the event. 
“In the lead up to this essential one-of its-kind international event for young sporting champions, we are impressed with the Doha Gymnasiade Organising Committee preparations, promising an unforgettable competition. Everything is on track and according to schedules,” said Jean-Louis Bujon, President of the Executive Committee of International Schools Federation.  
“Having successfully hosted several big international sporting competitions including the 2006 Asian Games, Qatar has already proved its ability as a well-equipped, secure and sophisticated destination for hosting high-profile sporting events. Already the Doha Gymnasiade is set to be the largest event in the competition’s 35-year history.  Given the superior facilities and state-of-the-art training equipment for young athletes to prepare themselves ahead of the event, we remain convinced of Qatar’s ability to deliver a successful Doha Gymnasiade 2009. Additionally, Doha’s first-rate civic infrastructure and sound economic and administrative machinery means that Qatar is poised to set a new benchmark of infrastructure quality and event scale for future Gymnasiade hosts,” said Boujon.  
Scheduled to take place between December 7 and 12 this year, the Gymnasiade is the only major school sport event of its kind that brings together junior level athletes from all over the world to compete in athletics, swimming and gymnastics. The Doha edition of the event will see nearly 2,000 students between the ages of 13 — 18 from more than 45 countries around the globe gather together to participate in the 14th Gymnasiade. 
Hosting the Gymnasiade is in line with Qatar’s long-term commitment to fostering sporting excellence among Arab youth, enabling access to sports coaching and developing a strong sporting infrastructure for young talent from across Qatar and the wider Middle East region.  
“With just over a month to go for the event opening, the validation by the ISF is a huge boost to our efforts in delivering a top quality event,” said Khaleel Al Jabir, Director General of Doha Gymnasiade Organising Committee. “We are confident that Doha Gymnasiade 2009 will not only set new benchmarks for future hosting nations, but also help in bringing together people from across the world to celebrate and enjoy the spirit of sport, which is at the core of our endeavour.  
“Qatar is already an internationally recognised sports hub with a wide range of world-class sporting facilities. We are now focusing on youth sports as part of our long-term commitment to developing and supporting the pursuit of sporting excellence among young Arab youth. We believe hosting this event in the heart of the Middle East will go a long way in enabling and encouraging young athletes from the region to pursue sports at a professional level, while exposing them to the best youth talent from around the world,” Al Jabir added.  
The event is organised by the Doha Gymnasiade 2009 Organising Committee (DGOC) in close collaboration with the Education Supreme Council, the Qatar Olympic Committee and the International School Sport Federation.