26 December, 2011

The International Preparatory Judges’ Course for Trampoline in Thailand

Doha (QAT) AGU office December 26, 2011: An International Preparatory Judges’ Course for Trampoline Gymnastics took place in Bangkok – Thailand from December 13 – 15, 2011 under the program of AGU development project 2011. The Course was conducted by FIG Trampoline Technical Committee Member Prof. Dr. Liu Xing (CHN). 12 candidates attended this Course. Among them, 3 from Singapore, 2 from Nepal, 2 from India, 2 from Vietnam, and 3 from Thailand. Most of them was a chance for first time participating in this Course. Two days for Code of Points, Technical Regulation, Specific Judges Rule and Video practice. Most of them pass the last days ‘Theory and Practical Examination.
Special Thank to AGU, Providing this opportunity to helped raise the level of Trampoline and support Asian trampoline family and Many thanks to AGU Vice President and President of Thailand Gymnastics Association Mr. Sawat Sopa, The Secretary General Mr. Srayuth Patanasak and all the staff of the Association who have contributed to the success of the course which was a great success.