6 November, 2010

Training Camp for the MAG Coaches in Mongolia

training-camp_mongolia_2010AGU Office Doha (QAT) November 6, 2010: under the AGU development project for the year 2010, a common training camp was organized in Mongolia during 17 – 23 October 2010.
According to the expert report Mr. Cyril Zamora (FRA) The camp was host in the Mogolia main city Ulaambaatar, 2 nations participant – Phillippines and Mongolia. Weather was good for the season perfect to have the motivation to do some exercises.
We were welcome from the begining to the end by all the team of the mongolian Gymnastics Federation and also by the sport instances the Sport committee and the Olympic Committee. Where we get official meeting.
All The team of the Mongolian Gymnastics Federation is very active and professional (Olympic medal not come only by chance)
The technical support were The Gymnasts of the Juniors national team of MGL and PHI and Hopeful MGL national team.We had the great honnor to get the Youth Olympics gold medalist of Singapore 2010 with us.
Many coaches came and were very focus during training, they were specially interested about the conditionning sessions and acrobatics sessions. The level of gymnasts was very good and give us the occasion to work high level difficulties.

Floor/Acrobatics :
Progression from Layout ½ twist to 3Twist – Double front to 3 front. Same for backward rotation plus the specific work of double layout and Back full straight.
On trampoline the different drills of acrobatics learning: Kaboom front and back ¾ Back + salto

Progression on back and forward courbettes plus acrobatics elements

Pommel Horse :
The basics circles plus evolutions Travels – Tchèque – Stokli Realisation for the hopeful of the invert stocli to handstand plus 3/3 travel. Realisation for the Juniors of the Wu Gonian and flop E

We focus mainly on the progression from swings to giants with coach help. And on the strench series at low rings.

Vault :
We work the Kasamatsu twist and Half Plus Handspring double front. And with the WAG and MAG hopefull all the progression of the Yurchenko.

Basics swings on support and elements on suports.

Basics from swings to giants with different hangs. Combinaisons of basics longitudinal rotations, Flights Elements for Juniors (Yamawaki and Tkatchev) and Dismount double back straight.

We get some work on the conditioning method, from the general warm up to specific conditionning. Alignement and courbette Stretching method for legs and shoulders.