4 May, 2024

Uzbekistan’s Ikromova Stands Out in Senior RG Competitions at Tashkent Championships

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – The Asian Championships in rhythmic gymnastics concluded with a stunning display of skill and artistry during the apparatus finals, where athletes from Kazakhstan, Japan, and Uzbekistan stood out in the individual and group events.

Individual Events

In the hoop category, Kazakhstan’s Elzhana Taniyeva topped the podium with a score of 33.900, closely followed by Japan’s Reina Matsusaka with 33.300, and Kazakhstan’s Aibota Yertaikyzy, who finished with 33.250.

Uzbekistan’s Takhmina Ikromova shone in the ball event, achieving first place with a score of 33.900. Kazakhstan’s Aibota Yertaikyzy secured second with a score of 32.650, while Elzhana Taniyeva from Kazakhstan took third with 32.600.

In the clubs category, Takhmina Ikromova from Uzbekistan continued her strong performance, winning first place with 34.200. Natalya Usova, also from Uzbekistan, took second with 32.500, and Japan’s Reina Matsusaka claimed third with 32.200.

For the ribbon event, Kazakhstan’s Aibota Yertaikyzy won the gold with a score of 32.900. Takhmina Ikromova from Uzbekistan took the silver with 32.500, while Japan’s Reina Matsusaka earned bronze with 31.300.

Group Events

In the group events, Japan excelled in the 5 hoops category, scoring a remarkable 36.350 to secure first place. Uzbekistan followed closely with 35.750 for second place, and Kazakhstan claimed third with a score of 32.100.

The 3 ribbons and 2 balls category saw Uzbekistan take the top spot with a score of 32.350. Japan finished in second with a score of 32.200, while Kazakhstan secured third place with 29.650.

These results reflect the exceptional talent and skill of gymnasts across Asia. The Asian Championships in Tashkent provided a captivating showcase of rhythmic gymnastics, highlighting the dedication and expertise of athletes in this discipline.

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