3 October, 2023

Zhu Xueying Clinches Gold in Women’s Individual Trampoline at Hangzhou Asian Games

Hangzhou, China – October 2, 2023 – Chinese trampoline sensation, Zhu Xueying, secured the top spot on the podium by winning the women’s individual trampoline gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Her remarkable performance, scoring an impressive 56.720 points, solidified her status as one of the world’s trampoline elite.

Zhu Xueying, a Tokyo Olympic champion at just 25 years old, accomplished a remarkable milestone by completing the grand slam in trampoline. Her journey to this gold medal began with victories at the Olympics, World Championships, World Cup, and now, the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Reflecting on her journey, Zhu Xueying shared her determination and passion for this moment. “I’ve been working very hard to try to be part of the squad and to be able to participate,” she said. “Standing on the top podium will be an encouragement to me.”

Zhu’s performance in the final was nothing short of extraordinary. She earned an unparalleled score of 56.720, with an execution score of 16.80 and 15.92 on the time of flight, both the highest among all the finalists.

Another Chinese trampolinist, Hu Yicheng, demonstrated her prowess by securing the silver medal with a score of 55.790 points. Her confidence grew as the competition progressed, as she remarked, “In qualifications, I may have felt a bit reserved because it’s my first time participating in such a comprehensive competition. But in the final, it might have been a bit smoother for me, and I felt much better.”

Kazakhstan’s Viktoriya Butolina clinched the bronze medal with a commendable score of 52.600, showcasing the international talent at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

However, the event was not without its challenges. Japan’s Reina Satake, despite enduring an injury to her right ankle during her routine, displayed remarkable determination and finished fifth with a score of 11.470.

The Hangzhou Asian Games has once again proven to be a stage for world-class athletes to shine, and Zhu Xueying’s exceptional performance will undoubtedly inspire aspiring trampolinists worldwide.