18 August, 2020

WAG TC members applaud AGU for webinars

(QAT) AGU Office: The WAG Technical Committee members applauded the efforts taken by Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) to organise the online seminars that was launched on July 15, 2020.

The AGU had decided to make good use of webinars/seminars and virtual classes to help gymnast, coaches and judges gain wider knowledge from the experts at a time when life has become restricted due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The content of the online courses was primarily the FIG Code of Points related topics for all gymnastics disciplines.

“When you do not use information for a long time, you tend to forget it. The online courses with the Technical Committee members and other judges has helped us to refresh our knowledge,” said AGU WAG TC Member Lyudmila Li

As sports became stranded, gymnastics too suffered due to the Covid-19 outbreak since March this year.

Several competitions have been either cancelled or postponed leaving the gymnasts, coaches and judged in a spot of bother. But AGU’s webinars proved to be a major boost for everyone.

“Since the competition has not been held for a long time, watching the online courses on the YouTube has helped improve the officiating skills of the Asian judges,” said Yoshimi Sano, another WAG TC member from Japan.

“From these webinars, the Asian judges could get a feel of the technical aspect of the various disciplines,” added Yoshimi.

AGU also has a plan to organize online educational seminars for coaches.The technology should be used next year also with at least 24 seminars and up to 1000 participants for each, and the proposals have been approved.

“It was a different experience for all the judges. The webinars helped us to reconnect with our fellow judges besides brushing up the knowledge,”
Rima Amer said.