19 January, 2018

We need experts in all technical committees, says AGU President Al Shathri to Ex-Co members

Doha (Qatar), AGU Office: The Asian Gymnastics Union’s (AGU) Executive Committee meeting here on Sunday evoked a positive response while several proposals were presented to take the sport to the next level in the continent.

But the most significant development was the introduction of China-based Taishan Sports Industry Group as AGU’s official partner.

“We are happy with the tie-up. It’ll boost our dreams and aspirations as Taishan will support us with the equipments. All our federation members hope to be benefited from this deal,” said President Abdurrahman Al Shathri, who introduced the Taishan delegates to the members.

AGU Secretary General Mohammed Saeed, Dhruba Pradhan (1st Vice-President), Dr Luo Chaoyi (President, East Asia Zone), Ruslan Mustaev (President, Central Asian Zone), Kau Git Kaur (President, South East Asia Zone), Ali Ahmed Al Hitmi,

Miao Zhongyi (President, MAG-Technical Committee), Liu Xing, Rima Kizilgun Radiye (President, WAG-Technical Committee), Gyozal Fillipova (President, RG–Technical Committee), Aigul Dukunbayeva (President, ACRO-Technical Committee), Cynthia Norton,Mr.Liu Xing (TRA TC President), Painda Malik were other members who attended the meeting.

However, Abdullah Albuloshi (President, West Asia Zone), Tammy Yagi-Kitagawa (President, AER Technical Committee) and Tatsuo Araki (Gymnastics for All, President) couldn’t attend the meeting.

Al Shathri said his target was to streamline the system and, that can be done by replacing certain statutes with the new ones.

“As we look back, we realise that gymnastics has become much bigger and popular in Asia than what it was even a decade ago. The AGU family got stronger and confident, but our dreams are unlimited and remain unfulfilled.

“We need experts in all our technical committees. That’s the only way we can improve. We’ve the world’s best gymnasts yet we are unable to match Europe,” he said.

Barring China, Japan and Korea, other Asian countries have lagged behind at the international competitions. Not having enough quality judges and coaches seemed to have been one of the drawbacks.

“My dream is to strengthen Asia’s position in the world, but to achieve that target, we must have top experts in the various AGU Technical Committees.

“Knowledge is important, and by having the best mind in the AGU Technical Committees, we can help develop the sport at the grass root level,” said Al Shathri.

He exuded confidence that with time AGU will become a professional body like FIG.

“We still have a lot of work to do and make AGU the best not just by winning medals, but also develop the sport at the grass root level and also produce quality judges and coaches,” he added.